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I went to see Paul for help with my eczema which I have suffered with all my life. I have it under my chin, across my forehead and on my neck. If I worry or get uptight about things then the eczema is worse. It’s itchy with stinging pains and seeps clear fluid. I have also had asthma since age 11 and still use inhalers to manage my breathing.

I felt listened to by Paul and he has been supportive during my treatment. After 3 consultations spread over 7 months my skin has improved. I still get small flare ups, but when I feel it coming on I take the prescribed remedy for a few days and it settles me again. I have really noticed the time it is taking for my skin to heal itself is a lot less and the symptoms are less severe. I generally feel much calmer in myself and more in control of my skin.

I would recommend Paul to anyone for any member of their family. He has helped and prescribed remedies for my family on several occasions each time we have felt listened to, understood and reassured. So many, many thanks!

Gayle, Bristol



I visited Paul Black several months ago with my daughter who was suffering with an outbreak of molluscum contagiosum. My GP had already advised that there was nothing that could be done except possibly bursting them after a warm bath and removing the contagious core.

We tried this and it was so very painful and upsetting for my daughter I felt I needed to find another way. The GP had mentioned it could take 1-2 years for them to all go but just waiting wasn’t an option as they were spreading rapidly and were very obvious and impossible to hide. My daughter also began to be teased at school about them and they would burst painfully and bleed when knocked. The spots appeared on her arms, down her side and on her forehead. She was worrying and tearful at night, so consequently it was difficult getting her to sleep and she was self conscious by day. She needed a lot of comforting and reassurance.

Paul relates well to children. He listened to my daughter’s worries about the molluscum and reassured her he could help. He explained to my daughter how the prescribed remedy would help her skin to clear out the molluscum and to begin with the spots may all come to ahead. My daughter was noticeably less worried after taking to Paul and keenly started taking the remedy, which was a tiny round ball that didn’t taste of anything so was very easy to take. For a few weeks the spots got worse; bigger and redder but as she was prepared for this and understood it was necessary to rid her of them she was not bothered by them. As each one gradually dried and disappeared she was so pleased and took to counting the reducing number each day. Within 2-3 months they were all gone.

Amazing! I would recommend Paul to anyone for any member of their family. He has helped and prescribed remedies for my whole family on several occasions following Amelia’s Molluscum and each time we have felt listened to, understood and reassured. Bear in mind our age range is 5-38 this shows a great bedside manner and depth of knowledge. So a huge thanks you. You have helped us rid ourselves of nasties such as the molluscum but also helped to return us to feeling balanced and generally well.

Kirsty, Bristol – Daughter (6)

I first visited Paul Black for help with recurrent chest infections. I had been an asthma sufferer for over twenty years and had to regularly use both a preventative and a relieving inhaler. Whenever I get a cold it settles on my chest and takes many weeks to shift it.

For the last few years this has been happening every 3 to 6 months. The dry hacking cough really hurts my chest and I cough up thick, lumpy yellow-green catarrh.

I am also keen to improve my running but find it difficult to breathe, especially when I am recovering from a cold. I often end up using my relieve inhaler whilst running.

After just two treatments from Paul my chest is a lot clearer. Over the last 8 months I have stopped using my inhalers and only use them very occasionally now. When I did get a cold it was gone within a 3 to 4 days and did not settle on my chest. I feel a lot better and my chest is much healthier. My running is also improving.

I would recommend Paul. He has helped with advice on health issues and various minor issues. Overall he has helped to improve my general health. Thank you.

Anita, Bristol 

I had been suffering with painful migraines which restarted 5 years ago. They originally started in my thirties, but I was never sick with those as I am now. I believe they are caused by stress and I seem to get stressed so easily. 

I have an intense painful, throbbing ache in my temple. It affects my vision. I lose my appetite and I am violently sick. The headaches can go on for days. I can not sleep and I just lay there for hours wondering if the migraine will still be there tomorrow. The migraines have been more frequent over the last 5 years, particularly in the last year. I get them every 4 to 6 weeks for up to 3 days at a time.

This affects my memory and ability to get things done. It also prevents me from looking after my new granddaughter properly. I feel like I am letting everyone down.

After just 4 treatments I am really well. It was through Paul’s expert skill that I realised that I still had a huge amount of grief for my father and mother, which I had been carrying for the last five years. The homeopathic remedies prescribed have helped me to let go and release this grief. This has reduced my overall stress levels and my migraines. I have had no migraines for over 3 months now.

After receiving homeopathic treatment from Paul I would recommend anyone to make an appointment with him and try homeopathy as a gentle treatment for almost any ailment.

Frances, Portishead

I went to see Paul because I had been suffering with a constantly blocked nose and sinuses for over 20 years. It was worse in the mornings. Catarrh would collect in my throat and I would have to cough it up.

On rising I had to throw open the window and use a nasal inhaler to try and clear my nose. I felt down and irritable. I was not breathing well so I felt quite unhealthy. I am also a keen runner and my running was being held back by my blocked breathing. It was very frustrating.

I also had constrictive headaches at least once a year that would last for up to 10 days at a time. It was like a tight bandage around my head. The pain was like a migraine and I was not able to work or look after my children properly.

I took the homeopathic pills as instructed. After just three days I was feeling better. I noticed that in the morning I woke up and no longer felt a great urge to open the window and reach for the nasal inhaler. It was brilliant! Now that I am breathing properly my running has also improved. My breathing has continued to improve over the last 3 months and in that time I have completed several 10K runs with my running club. As well as the improvement in my breathing, there have been no headaches either. I am feeling generally much healthier thanks to the treatment from Paul.

I would recommend Paul for homeopathic treatment. Having spent most of my adult life ‘putting up’ with the problem and experimenting with various traditional medicines it was such a relief to be feeling better in such a short time scale. Paul was very thorough and patient during the consultations and he was genuinely really keen to help me sort out my health issues. Now that I know Paul can help, at the first sign of sinus problems reoccurring I will phone to book an appointment.

Glynis, Portishead