(Formally Total Health Homeopathy, established in 2008)


  • Would you like to feel less out-of-sorts and more yourself?

  • Do you want to reduce recurrence of colds, chest infections, sinusitis or congestive headaches?

  • Do you need to adjust to losing someone close to you?

  • Would you like to recover from injury and return to sport?

  • Need relief from hay fever or other allergic reactions?

  • Do you regularly suffer with severe premenstrual tension or painful periods?

  • Is your life over-shadowed by anxiety or depression?

  • Do you suffer with digestive problems like acid-reflux, constipation, diarrhoea or IBS?

Perhaps you have been diagnosed and treated by your GP and feel there has been little improvement. You may feel only particular symptoms are being treated but not the underlying cause.  You may be on long-term medication and wish to reduce it.

... homeopathy can help you

Homeopathy works in harmony with your own natural healing. People of any age can benefit from homeopathy. Homeopathy uses remedies that are safe for even the most sensitive of patients to restore well-being and health. The remedies have no danger of addiction or toxicity and may be used alongside conventional medicines. 

... works in harmony with your immune system

Homeopathy is a well-established system of complementary healthcare that has been successfully used worldwide for over 200 years. The stresses of life, both physical and emotional, can trigger a lack of well-being and ill-health. Homeopathy gently works in harmony with your immune system. Homeopathic remedies are very safe, even for pregnant, sensitive patients and children, and there is no danger of addiction or toxicity. Homeopathy may be used alongside conventional medicine.

More information can be found on the Society of Homeopaths website:


...develop a holistic picture of your health

Through skilled listening and discussing your health concerns I can select a natural homeopathic remedy to restore your balance.

Treatment starts with a detailed consultation lasting approximately 90 minutes.  This allows you time to explore any aspects of your physical, mental and emotional health, lifestyle and preferences. If appropriate we will explore aspects of your family’s medical history.  You will be able to talk freely to develop a holistic picture of your health and this information will help me select the best remedy for you.


... investing in your health

  • Vitality Package
    I find each person often requires 3 or more appointments.  I provide a Vitality Package at £190 that includes a 90 minute initial consultation plus 2 one hour follow-ups.

  • Consultation time

  • Post consultation work on your case to select the best prescription

  • The medicine/remedy

  • Postage or delivery of your remedy/medicine to you

  • Reasonable telephone support between appointments

  • Individual consultations
    Charged at £60 per hour.

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