About me

My story


I have always been interested in human behaviour and development. I graduated with a degree in Psychology & Maths, and my first career was as a secondary school teacher. Five years later, disillusioned with the direction education was moving in, I switched career and became an IT project manager.


In the mid-90s, an injury to my left knee prevented me from playing competitive squash for three years. After two years of trying conventional medicine with no improvement, I was introduced to Homeopathy. I returned to playing squash within 5 weeks. This opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at health.


Whilst riding a 100-mile charity cycle ride from Bristol to London in 2003, I was knocked off my bike by a motorcyclist. I suffered massive bruising, multiple soft tissue injuries and sciatica, and was off work for six weeks. This was a turning point in my life - the police had expected a fatality. I used my acquired knowledge and pilates to support my own healing. A year later I ran a half marathon on behalf of Cancer Research to support my son, who was treated for cancer early in 2004.


That year led me to re-evaluate my whole life, my purpose, and my future. My wife and I also separated and later divorced.


In the autumn of 2004, I started a 4-year Homeopathic training course, and realised that I had previously only scratched the surface. I graduated with a distinction in 2008 and set up my own practice alongside my day job with Hewlett Packard. My life changed again in 2009, when I was made redundant. Rather than look for another IT job, I chose to build my practice. I have a special interest in helping people recover from sports injuries, and in 2010 I qualified as a Bowen practitioner, so that I could offer a rounded approach to healing.


Alongside running my practice, I taught on short term contract in secondary schools and the University of the West of England, as well as providing after school Maths tutoring. I saw that a common issue faced by many students is lack of self-confidence and inner resilience. I also found that I was supporting clients with self-help, mindfulness and counselling techniques in addition to Homeopathy and Bowen. I realised that a lot of change takes place in the mind and emotions. This prompted me to train in NLP and become a Master Practitioner.


I now enjoy offering a holistic service to my clients and students, using all of my skills together to support each client individually on their own journey. I use my varied career and experience to help others handle their own life challenges and stresses.


My commitment to you is to use my skills, knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals, and become your Best You. I am exhilarated every time I see clients empowered to achieve their aspirations and goals, whether those goals are physical, emotional, mental or educational.


I am a registered Homeopath (Society of Homeopaths), Bowen Therapist (Bowen Therapist Professional Association), NLP Master Practitioner and Coach (Association of NLP) and a qualified teacher. I am also a fully qualified Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute). I have an honours degree in Psychology and Mathematics and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.



I am a positive person with a good sense of humour. I love sailing, cycling, singing, playing guitar and violin in a local orchestra. I enjoy reading and going to the cinema. I love exploring new countries and cultures.


I’m dad to 3 grown-up children, and step-dad to my wife’s 2 teenage boys. My wife and I regularly attend Le Roc classes and dances.