• What do you want in your life?

  • What is holding you back?

  • Are you feeling stressed or anxious?

  • Do you lack confidence in yourself?

  • Would you like greater resilience?

  • Are you ready to make positive changes?

  • Do you need help achieving your personal, professional or sporting goals?

  • Would you like to feel empowered?

  • Are you looking to find a sense of purpose?


... coaching can help you

Coaching helps you find the right outcome and answer for you.  When you take conscious control of your life through working with a coach you have greater clarity about what you want, the steps you need to become empowered and achieve your personal and professional goals.

I work with you on whatever aspect of your life you desire to change, helping you to become the best version of you. 

Together we will define your vision and plan for reaching your desired goal. We will identify any behaviours, fears, habits, patterns or beliefs that may be standing in your way, and help you find the inner resources to move beyond them.  Coaching will help you to discover what is important to you and move towards your new, vibrant and fulfilling life.

We all have our own surprises in life.  Our own ups and downs. You do not always have control over these events, however I believe you can choose how you respond to them.

It’s not what happens to you that makes the difference; it’s what you do with what happens to you.

I use an extensive set of coaching tools including NLP techniques, along with my own experience, to facilitate powerful, long-lasting and sustainable change.


...NLP can bring about positive change

NLP is an extremely flexible tool kit and can used for a variety of different issues.  Using these tools and techniques I can help you to look at the way in which you think and process thoughts (Neuro), the internal language patterns you use (Linguistic) and your behaviours (Programming) and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on you.  This understanding can bring about a positive change in you and others.  NLP is a set of tools which can be used to facilitate powerful, quick and long-lasting change.

• Empowerment Package:
x5 one-hour sessions at £397 (please contact me to book)

• Individual sessions
£85 per sessions (please use the button below to book)

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