More Coaching

Paul helped me enormously today.  I feel I’ve left with more clarity in the direction I’d like to pursue from hereon and empowered to tackle ongoing issues.  Thank you, Paul.


Kirsty, Bristol

Paul worked with me through a difficult life transition. He has a gift for asking just the right kinds of questions that had me really see things through a new perspective and ask myself important questions about who I wanted to become and what I wanted for my new life. 

Paul has a depth and variety of skills, natural insights, experience and techniques that he was able to apply exactly the right approach to whatever was coming up for me and tailor his coaching to what would work quickly and powerfully. As a result, outside of the original issues I came for, I have worked through multiple other revelations that have given me freedom and a new way of facing my goals. His sessions were really something I looked forward to.

Importantly, Paul always put me at ease and created an atmosphere that had me see things clearly that in other situations, or with other coaches I had not been able to discover by myself. 

Zoe, Portishead