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I went to see Paul for help with a number of physical aches and pains; the outside of my left knee aches after running and particularly hurts going up and down stairs; my left shoulder becomes incredibly tense and restricted in movement, accompanied by severe knotting of my muscles across the upper back and neck; my right hip often feels stuck when walking and can result in plantar pain afterwards.

After receiving treatment from Paul I would recommend a visit. I had previously tried Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Yoga – all to no avail but now, after just two sessions, I can enjoy my first love of walking the Lakes without worrying whether I will have to endure a painful payback.

Julian, Portishead



When I first saw Paul I was suffering with severe burning pain in my left hip. I had fallen heavily from the attic door a year ago. Going up and down stairs or steps was very painful, and I would often have to lead with my right leg as the left leg was too painful to take my weight.

The burning pain would come on after walking the dog for 2 hours, something I did regularly, and I had to shorten his daily walks. If I sat in a chair for more than a few minutes the muscle in my hip would lock and I would have intense burning pain when rising to stand. Sometimes I would have accompanying back pain and I found it impossible to lie on my back in bed for more than 2 minutes without feeling intense pain.

My GP had given me increasingly stronger pain-killers since the fall which had not really helped and given me constipation. My GP then suggested going on the waiting list for a hip replacement. This is when I went to see Paul.

After three sessions of Bowen Technique I can go up and down stairs without any pain and can use my left leg normally. Getting up out of a chair is no longer a problem. I am now enjoying long walks with my dog again without any discomfort. I had expected to feel stiff, but I don’t have any stiffness. I can also lie on my back in bed and enjoy my favourite TV without any pain.

After receiving treatment from Paul I would recommend Bowen Technique and tell anyone to give it a try. It’s good when you have pain as massage can be too heavy. Bowen is very light and gentle.

Wendy, Axbridge